Over the last 22 years, SOMIC has successfully completed 100 projects at different stages, and enjoying the services of more than 100 capable specialists, SOMIC is able to provide the best solutions from technical, ecological and economic viewpoints in complex project.
Design, engineering, technical inspection, and monitoring of mining, Power Plant ,Steel, Aluminum, Oil, gas and petrochemical industries Arrow
Conducting technical and economical justification studies Arrow
Project management, MC Arrow
Participation with foreign company and right of possession of know-how and technology Arrow
Investment in shares of mining industries companies Arrow
Executing technical inspection Services for purchase of industrial equipment Arrow
Consultation and design of various quality management systems Arrow
Feasibility Study, Technology selection, research on manufacturing plants Arrow
Contracting negotiation and prepare and study of tender document and contract Arrow
About UsObjectives
Qualitative objectives of the company:
  • Fulfill a Employers' expectations and requirements in order to attracting Customer satisfaction ,based on mutual obligations and appropriate communication
  • Expanding our services area
  • Preventing any deficiency or inadequacy in the provision of services
  • Improving service quality and productivity in creating an appropriate organizational culture, encouragement of continuous improvement, innovativeness and employee motivation.
  • Promoting quality culture in high level and Increase moral responsibility among our colleagues
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